New Year Resolutions (2009 edition)

With the new year here, I have decided to commit myself to the usual array of unachievable goals! Except, in this case, they will be achievable and trackable! Rather than let them slide, keeping myself accountable will increase my chances of completing them!


One of the most important resolutions that I need to stick to this year is based around fitness. With my gym membership renewed, I need to make use of it or I am just wasting money! My goal for the year is to lose 7kg of weight. In addition to this, I will include targets for running. Thanks to the excellent Nike+ accessory I have for my iPod, I can set targets and track my progress against them. My first running goal is to achieve a 10k run. I am going to start small on the treadmill but will see how I progress in this training.


Pay off credit my card balance. That is the main focus. I also plan to save more and work on other areas but the credit card is my goal!

Experience, education and other things

To add to those above I also intend to accomplish a few other things but these are more lifestyle/habit changing! Not as measurable, but mentioned for reminder purposes.

  • Take more photos – I need to get out more often, especially if I plan to build my portfolio!
  • Organise my data – I have photos, music, documents, movies etc. everywhere! I am going to get it organised… and backed up!
  • Learn something new – French and Welding!
  • Take a motorbike trip – Go anywhere but get some experience away!