First steps to freedom

If there is one thing I am sure of, reliance on a single income stream is not a good idea! Whilst I am waiting to find out what will happen with my job, I am working on other projects that I hope can start to generate more money. Should the worst happen, having extra income is a very good idea, having income from multiple sources is even better. To make myself as “secure” as possible, I am also going to reduce my existing debts as much as possible. If I have a reduced income, I need to reduce my outgoings too! This is what I am going to do to prepare… and have a little fun!


  • Spend more time and effort developing and populating, my photography website. This will provide a foundation for gaining more photography business.
  • Start planning a marketing focused eBook that I have been discussing with a colleague for some time.
  • Aim to secure the development of new websites that I have been negotiating.
  • Submit more writing and photography work to printed publications.


  • Complete a creative writing course I started some time ago.
  • Submit the final assignment of the marketing diploma I am studying.
  • Learn more French, as a second language will be handy.


  • Look to sell my boat as it costs a lot to maintain!
  • Clear my credit card balance.
  • Add more funds into my savings account.

This is my short-term action plan to slowly develop where my income comes from and tie up loose ends. These will all help me prepare for the new year and the challenges that are expected. They are not my New Year resolutions, as those will be much more lifestyle focused and I will cover those later!