Where did the excitement go?

I have been following along as secretlondon got their new website up and running. A whole bunch of motivated people got together and created a great website in just 48 hours. What they achieved was amazing, yet the most inspiring thing to me was the excitement and dedication of those people that slept on cushions during the all-night coding sessions. That sounds like fun, right? I remember when I used to end up staying awake all night because I had to get just a little bit more done, the drive to see something work and come to life was just too great to sleep! I don’t often feel that way anymore, is it boredom? I wonder if we become desensitised to life and excitement? I hope not! Maybe it’s time to raise the stakes!

At the end of the day, I don’t know why the excitement has gone. But this site is supposed to be about living so I’m gonna find that excitement. I’m going to bring it back and get excited again!