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Motorola Milestone Multimedia station error after 2.1 upgrade

If you have a Motorola Milestone (Maybe Droid too, but not sure) and have recently upgraded to the latest Android 2.1, you are probably quite pleased with the new features and performance. I was too except for a niggling problem with the Multimedia Station.

Every time I put the phone in the dock, the Multimedia Station app would be non responsive and Force Close. It was becoming quite annoying but there is a nice simple solution.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Applications
  3. Select Manage applications
  4. Press the Menu button
  5. Select Filter
  6. Choose All
  7. Select Multimedia station
  8. Press the Clear data button
  9. Done!

I had to restart my phone after this but now the dock is working as expected. I guess there was some old setting left in the cache after the upgrade and this clears it out.

Hope it helps!!