Quark Expeditions – Antarctic

Quark Expeditions are running a competition in which you can win a $20,000 trip to the Antarctic. The competition is won through blogging and you need to blog about the trip whilst you are away. This sounded right up my street and so I entered.

Here is my entry

Imagine what it must be like in the Antarctic.

A pure white and featureless desert that goes on for eternity? An angry, wild and desolate landscape that shuns our presence? Clear blue waters with icebergs serenely drifting by?

The emotional draw of the Antarctic is greater than any other place on Earth. It is one of the last remaining wildernesses out there. A place where humans have not built cities or roads. A place so far out the way that it’s often forgotten. The imagination can run in circles trying to decide what the Antarctic must be like. You already know what needs to be done as there is only one way to find out for sure. Go there! Experience it!

Vote for me and I promise that you will be able to experience the Antarctic as if you were there. Vote for me and I will be your eyes and ears on this adventure of a lifetime. Vote for me and this becomes our adventure!