My final assignment has now been submitted by Special Delivery to the CIM. It was a lot of work to complete but at least it has been done. All I need to do now is wait till 28th August for the result! With any luck, I will receive a nice card backed envelope with a ‘Professional Diploma in Marketing‘ inside!

Interestingly, the 28th August is also the last day that I will be at work. I’m really hoping for a double celebration! Freedom and Success all in one day… I like the sound of that!

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3 Responses

  1. Mark MS

    Cool! All that those study nights were worth it. Just think of all of that beer in your cupboard that you ignored so as to keep a clear head. you can drink it now! Party time.


  2. shane

    Thanks, Mark!!

    I still feel like I should be writing an assignment though. Been quite a long 18 months in those terms!! Bad habit me thinks!