Up Your Motivation

Leo Babauta and Eric Hamm have put together this DRM free e-book. It is a resource that helps people reach their goals and keep motivated whilst working at it.

It’s chock full of great advice covering everything from motivation itself to tips on time management and productivity. It teaches you to learn from your mistakes and move forward no matter what! If you ever feel things seem to get away from you, this e-book may be just what you need!

Priced at just $14.95 the potential return is huge.

What does the book cover? Here is the considerable table of contents.

  1. How To Motivate Yourself
  2. The Only Two Secrets to Motivating Yourself You’ll Ever Need
  3. A Guide to Beating the Fears That Are Holding You Back
  4. Task Ninja: Form the Action Habit
  5. Top 20 Motivation Hacks
  6. The Ultimate Guide to Motivation – How to Achieve Any Goal
  7. Progress, Progress, Progress! 5 Tips To Keep You Moving Forward
  8. 7 Steps to Turn Your Self-Improvement Desires Into Reality
  9. 25 Killer Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence
  10. 6 Small Things You Can Do When You Lack Discipline
  11. 16 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You’re in a Slump
  12. 5 Tips For Motivational Recovery
  13. The Magical Power of Focus
  14. 10 Ways to Beat the “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” Syndrome
  15. 30 Incredible Places to Turn When You Need Inspiration
  16. How To Deal With Negative Feedback
  17. How to Doggedly Pursue Your Dreams in the Face of Naysayers
  18. Achieve Your Dreams Despite Pressures of Work and Family
  19. Why You Should Celebrate Your Mistakes
  20. How to Actually Execute Your To-do List
  21. The Yin And Yang Of Persistence
  22. Enduring the Valley to Get to Success
  23. How To Relax And Why It’s So Important
  24. The Simple Guide To Single-Tasking Success
  25. Stop Reading About It and Do It

As with everything from Leo at Zen Habits, this will be a great resource and is definitely worth a read.