Airport fever

AirportsWalking through the airport on my way to get breakfast, I was struck out of autopilot mode by the realization that I won’t be doing this again for quite some time. I was on my last trip for business!

Initially, this pleased me. I have spent so many hours in airports over the last few years that I know them inside out. In one respect, there is comfort in the knowledge that I will get a nice long break from air travel. Another side of me knows that I’ll miss it eventually, when the wanderlust returns. Interestingly, I feel more comfortable walking around airports than I do big cities. They may be awful, energy draining bureaucratic establishments, but, I know them and I understand how they work! Boredom, anger, happiness, relief, anxiety… all words that can be used to describe my airport experiences over the years.

So long airports, and thanks for all the flights!