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Moleskines have been mentioned on this site before, check out the post for my take on the famous notebooks as this post is slightly different. For any of you fans out there, Moleskine have launched a really cool web service, Moleskine MSK.

The service is currently in Beta and there are some bugs that need ironing out; nonetheless, it has some very cool ideas.

The Wizard lets you add a picture and text in various layouts to a page which you then print and put in your Moleskine book. There are a few preset layouts as you can see in the image above. See below for an API example of the wizard in action!

The Contacts feature enables you to upload a list of contacts from Outlook, Plaxo or even your phone if you can get the .msk or .vcf files out. You can then print these pages out with a lot of options on what information to show.

The most complete element is the Events tool. It is also the one that generated errors when I tried to generate the final page. It will take a calendar file so you can print it out for your Moleskine. There are a lot of options available on what information will be printed.

There is also a basic API in the works, to demonstrate, you can generate a Moleskine page for the original OSL Moleskine post by clicking here (this has been removed now). This leads me to the idea of having a ‘Generate Moleskine page’ option on every blog post. This sort of thing would be quite cool! Some work was required to edit out funny characters and all the text had to be on one line; but if they continue to develop it… would be a novel option to have available.

These features may not turn your trusty Moleskine into a Kindle but they will make it just a little bit more techy! In real life, I doubt there will be too much use for these features as there will not be enough room in the books. It will be very useful for printing off a months calendar of list of contacts periodically though. In theory, you could use the wizard feature to make your own Moleskine… would require a lot of cutting out though. Unless you can find a way to print on the Moleskine pages directly that is!