M3 passenger wing mirror not moving

When I picked up the car, one of the first things I noticed was that the passenger window was not working. After checking it wasn’t a fuse, the next stage was to check the switch which was fine. Onto the door modules… both fine!


Of course, not wanting to let all these fine things put me off my search, it was time to actually remove the mirror from the car and take a look in there. It was then that we noticed a broken wire inside the mirror housing. In anyones book, a broken wire screams ” Found the problem!”. In my M3 this actually meant, “Found a bit of the problem!”. As we took the casing off, it turned out that not just one, but all the wires were broken!


After some nifty soldering work (and making a note of the part number!), we put the mirror back together. Luckily, the problem was solved and the mirror worked perfectly. I am not sure how long the solder will last inside the moving housing but at least I have a note of the part number for when it needs replacing.