Dice Silverline iPod Integration

This was quite a nice job to be done as it didn’t involve any oil or grease! It did, of course, involve quite a challenge. Not being inclined to do something the easy way, we managed to choose a particularly difficult place to try and install the iPod for the integration. Basic steps as follows!

First job, remove the interior trim that covers the CD Changer in the boot (trunk!) so that you have access to the changer and to the wiring loom if you are planning to position the DICE module in the car somewhere. The DICE Silverline kit connects to the cables that are removed from the changer.


The cable, in our case, is run to the centre console under the carpet. We found the perfect location to install the DICE module in the console where there would be a phone control module… if the car had one!


With the wires run, it was on to the hard part of the challenge. Finding a neat place to mount the iPod. We decided to mount it in the space provided inside the armrest as I never use it for anything else. This seemed like the perfect place and it even provided a few challenges… we love a challenge at M3HQ!

After all was finished, it didn’t look too bad and worked as well as expected.


This was something I had been wanting to buy for a long time, I can’t understand what took so long!