Bald Tyre

Some new tyres

It is safe to say that the front tyres on my car were not safe! When I picked it up, they were well beyond the fine line of safety. In fact, as you can probably see from the photo on the left, the treads had vanished and were through to the canvas. Due to the uncommon size of the tyres (225/40/19), the local tyre fitter had nothing that would fit, therefore I had the opportunity to order the tyres of my choice!

New TyreThe original Continental M3 tyres were not available. The Good year F1 Assymetrics are not made in 19 inches. My third choice was the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2’s! As these were available, they were ordered up quickly and fitted as soon as they arrived!

Voila! They are even filled with Nitrogen, a gas that will maintain a more stable pressure across a range of temperatures. This will aid handling and fuel economy… but who cares about economy on a race track!