My own moleskine

Moleskine notebooks

Moleskine notebooks are classically cool! You may have heard the name before as their popularity seems to be constantly growing. I should probably point out that they are not actually covered in a mole’s skin, it is a hard-wearing synthetic ‘Moleskine’. There is some history involved as Picasso and Hemingway are reputed to have used Moleskine books, though I believe they were quite different from the modern versions we have today!

The books have a high quality feel to them, the paper especially is very smooth. They all have an elastic band to hold them closed, a ribbon bookmark and an expandable pocket inside the back cover. One of the features that really make these books usable is the sewn spine that allows you to lie it flat on the desk providing access to the whole sheet.

The product range is quite wide and includes notebooks, sketchbooks, reporter books, diaries and even city break planners. A look at this page will give you an overview of what is available. My personal favourites are the standard lined notebooks. I keep one with my photography kit and use a separate one for lists and notes. A lot of people use them with productivity systems such as GTD (Moleskine hack) – The well known popular productivity system.

Moleskines have a following of devoted fans, check out these photos from Flickr, you can see the variety of ways in which people actually use their notebooks.