Life – For a limited time only

After a week cruising around in a classic VW camper, I was feeling pretty chilled out. My day job in marketing was nearly forgotten and I had a cool surfer calm over me (the camper added the surfer part!).  At the end of the holiday whilst shopping in London, admittedly this part wasn’t quite as relaxing or calming, I saw a cool T-shirt with the slogan – “Life: For a limited time only!” on the front and it made me pause for a moment.

As I stood there contemplating buying it (I didn’t but wish I had now!),  a number of questions came to mind:-

  • How true is that?
  • Am I making the most of life?
  • What do I want to achieve in the short time I am here?
  • Am I happy?
  • Is my lifestyle focussed on living?
  • What should I be doing?

It was almost a panic moment of deep realisation. I need to answer these questions and more!

In the past I have always tried to ensure that I have experiences to talk about later in life. A number of people will be used to me saying, “when I’m 80, will I regret not doing this?”. Seeing that t-shirt and thinking about my imminent return to the office made me realise I should use that mantra a lot more. With just ‘One Short Life’, surely the only important thing is making the most of it. This blog is about doing just that. It seems unlikely that I am the only person to have considered this so I want to share my ideas and learn from others.