The front discs on my car were badly worn. They were rusted badly and had large ridges around the outside.  To ensure that the car was as safe as possible – and that I had the latest braking point as possible on the track – I ordered new set.

New HosesGrant’s car has racing pads, Goodridge braided hoses and Dot 5.1 fluid. The performance I noticed in his car last year at Le Mans was superb; the lack of brake fade gave a lot of confidence when heading for the bends. Though I have ordered standard pads, I felt a set of Goodridge hoses and Dot 5.1 brake fluid might give me a boost. They have been fitted and the system flushed and bled with the new fluid.

So far driving on the roads, I have noticed very little difference, though it is perhaps a little smoother. I very much hope that next week at Le Mans there are no surprises. Here is a ‘fingers crossed’ for consistent braking!

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